Sena's R1 Cycling Helmet - Winner for "Excellent Product Design" by German Design Council


The recognition is given by the German Design Council for excellence in product or communication design within the bicycle industry. Sena is a technology company founded in 1998, that is taking their proven innovations in top-of-the-line communication technology from the motorcycle industry to the bicycle sector with a range of innovative products to enhance the riding experience.

The R1 is a unique cycling helmet in that it offers a 4.1 Bluetooth technology communication system, allowing riders to communicate with one another on the road, along with allowing connection to a smartphone for a variety of other features such as listening to music, taking phone calls and hearing feedback from fitness apps. The R1’s Bluetooth Intercom system allows up to 4 connections, letting cyclists seamlessly chat through the built in microphone and open-ear speaker system.

“This helmet not only meets the most exacting standards for safety, but is also notable for the Bluetooth technology adroitly integrated into the design – thus enabling comfortable communication,” noted the statement from the Design Council’s jury. “When worn properly, the helmet supports the use of multimedia technology – but not at the expense of the safety of the cyclist, who can still hear all ambient sounds even with the helmet on.”

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