50S Accessories

Spare parts and accessories for your Sena 50S model.  Everything you need to kit out a second or third helmet.

RC4-Button Remote Control

The RC4 is a sleek device, which mounts to the handlebars of your bike and offers complete control of your Sena Bluetooth Headset. Ride safe with the convenient 4-button control at your fingertips. The multifunction button works a treat to with the 10C.


SPEAKERS with SOUND BY Harman Kardon suits 50S ONLY

Upgrade your 50S with premium SOUND BY Harman Kardon speakers


RC3-Button Remote Control

Have control of your Sena Bluetooth communication gear at your fingertips with the versatile RC3.


WRISTBAND Remote Control

The Sena Wristband Remote gives you full control over your Sena Bluetooth communication gear and features glove-friendly buttons, a joystick, and a lon-lasting battery life.


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