50C Accessories

Clamp kits and Accessories for your 50C model.  Find everything you need to kit out your second helmet, etc

Earbud Adapter Split Cable for 10C models and 50C

This Earbud Adapter Split Cable has a 3.5mm jack which makes it possible to plug in your own earbuds or moulded earplugs. Compatible with 10C-01, 10C-Pro-01 and 10C-EVO-01


RC3 Button Remote Control

The RC3 is a 3-Button Remote that can be attached to your clothes or your bike for easy control of your Sena device. It is compatible with most Sena devices with Bluetooth 4.1 or higher.


RC4 Button Remote Control

Safe Operation with 4-Button and Handlebar Control


SENA 50C Clamp Kit with SOUND BY Harman Kardon Speakers and Mic

Enhanced sound with SOUND BY Harman Kardon Speakers and Mic.


WRISTBAND Remote Control

The Sena Wristband Remote gives you full control over your Sena Bluetooth communication gear and features glove-friendly buttons, a joystick, and a lon-lasting battery life.


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