SMH10 Accessories

All the extras and spares that you could need for your SMH10.

3.5mm Stereo Audio cable

Compatible with the sena SMH10 the 3.5mm stereo Audio cable allows non bluetooth devices such as MP3s to connect with the SMH10 via the jack point on the clamp kit (not compatible with the SMH5)


Helmet Clamp Kit custom for Bell Mag-9 Helmet

Fit this helmet clamp kit to your Bell Mag-9 helmet for use with an SMH10 module.


Sena 12v Cigarette Charger

Charge your Sena SMH5 and SMH10 via 12v cigarette adaptor, ideal for those long road trips.


SMH10 Helmet Clamp Kit - Attachable Boom Mic & Wired Mic

Designed as an alternate clamp kit for the Sena SMH10 with standard speakers as per the original clamp kit and optional microphone attachments.


Wired Microphone

This Wired Button Microphone suits 10C, 10C-PRO, SMH10 and SMH10R


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