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Tip:  Be sure to check the firmware on your headset is current before attempting to pair with the remote.
The remotes are compatible with the Bluetooth4.1 and above models, such as:
Headsets:  10C, 10R, 10S, 10U, 20S/20S-EVO, 30K, SF Series and 50 series
Sena Motorcycle Helmets:  Momentum, Momentum-Lite, Savage and ECONO
Sena Cycling Helmets:  X1 and R1 (altho not compatible with R1-EVO)
OEM Models:  Shoei SRL headsets, Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio headsets, Schuberth headsets.
A pairing guide for each compatible model can be found via these links below


Wristband Remote (SKU:  SC-WR-01) 
RC3 3-Button Remote (SKU:  SC-3B-01) 
‚ÄčRC4 4-Button Remote (SKU:  tba)