SMH10R Accessories

Here you can find all the spares and replacements for your SMH10R slimline unit, such as battery, earbud adaptor cable, microphones, speakers, foams, adhesives, charging options, etc.

Sena Cigarette Charger (Micro USB Type)

Suits the following models: Sena SMH10R (not the 10R) - 3S - SMH3 - SPH10 - SM10


Sena Attachable Boom Microphone

SC-A0303 Attachable Boom Microphone Dimension: 230 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm (8.27 in x 5.32 in x 2.09 in) Weight: 27 g (0.06 lb)


Sena Battery Pack SMH10R

SC-A0301 SMH10R Battery Pack (2 Pin Connector to Micro USB Adapter included) Dimension: 57 mm x 26 mm x 12 mm (2.25 in x 1.03 in x 0.48 in) Weight: 18 g (0.04 lb)


Sena Earbud Adaptor Cable for SMH10R

If you prefer to use molded earplugs rather than the supplied speakers the new adapter cable will provide a 3.5mm jack suitable for most ear bud kits


Sena SMH10R Slim Speakers

SMH10R Slim Speakers


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