GoPole High Quality Pole Mounts, Grips & Floating Mounts

GoPoles are high quality pole mounts, grips & floating mounts made specifically for GoPro cameras and now available for use with other sports cameras when added with adaptor. From the Bobber floating mount to the 36’’ extension pole these mounts offer a unique way to use your sports camera.

GoPole Bobber for GoPro Cameras

The Bobber is the first of it's kind floating GoPro® accessory. Designed to save your camera if dropped in the water, it doubles as a hand grip AND a floatation device. Unlike others on the market it will not block the view of your LCD screen. The Bobber


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GoPole Lens Cap for Hero2 & HD Hero **ON SALE**

Protect your GoPro® HERO while traveling or charging with the Lens Cap Kit by GoPole®. Fits HD HERO2 & HD HERO only, does not fit HD HERO3. INCLUDES 1 Camera Lens Cap 1 Housing Lens Cap Housing Cap Tether


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RRP $18.00