A range a headsets to allow you to listening to your music and to keep in contact via your phone whilst enjoying your outdoor activity:
  • SPH10
  • SPH10H


SPH10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset & Intercom

The SPH10 Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset brings you 4-Way intercom conversations featuring a 900m range and hands-free calling.


EXPAND MESH Multi Purpose Mesh Communication

The new Expand Mesh Headset adds mesh intercom capabilities to your outdoor sports and industrial applications, at the press of a button you can communicate with your friends and colleagues with ease.



A Universal Multi Sport bluetooth communication device. Retro fit it to your favourite outdoor sports helmet for 1-on-1 Intercom with a friend up to 400m, pair with your phone to listen to your music/podcasts, GPS instructions and take/make phone calls.


EXPAND Bluetooth Comms Headset

This headset was designed to give you a stable, secure fit for pretty much any kind of outdoor situation you might want to use it in - from helmet to helmet intercom duty to Bluetooth hands free calling.


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