Sena SR10 Bluetooth 2-Way Radio Adaptor

The SR10 is a Bluetooth Two-way Radio adaptor allowing you to connect UHF / two way radio's which can then communicate wirelessly to most Bluetooth headsets


Sena Wristband Remote for Bluetooth Communication System

The Sena Wristband Remote gives you full control over your Sena Bluetooth communication gear and features glove-friendly buttons, a joystick, and a lon-lasting battery life.


SMH5 MultiCom Quick Clamp Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

Complete with Sena's standard quality communication, the SMH5 Multicom allow users to quickly and effortlessly install, remove and transfer between helmets - ideal for motorcycle training courses, tours or rentals.


Sena PRISM - The Whole Kit & Kaboodle **ON SALE**

This is the Prism. Engineered on Sena's most advanced Bluetooth 4.0 platform, the Prism records amazing images and stunning audio.


12% OFF

RRP $419.00

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SMH10 Accessories

All the extras and spares that you could need for your SMH10. When selecting a helmet clamp to suit your needs first decide on which type of microphone you want: 1. The Fixed Boom mic pack, which is molded to the helmet clamp and 2. The Universal microphones pack, which contain 1 wired button mic and 1 attachable wired boom mic After deciding on which microphone pack suits you, the next decision is whether you like: Speakers only Earbuds only Speakers and/or Earbuds Helmet Clamp part codes: SMH-A0301 - Fixed Boom mic with Speakers SMH-A0303 - Fixed Boom mic for Earbuds SMH-A0305 - Fixed Boom mic for Earbuds and Speakers SMH-A0302 - Attachable Boom mic & Wired button mic with Speakers SMH-A0304 - Attachable Boom mic & Wired button mic for Earbuds SMH-A0306 - Attachable Boom mic & Wired button mic for Earbuds and Speakers ES0003001 - custom clamp to suit Bell Mag-9 Helmets

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