Get yourself a remote to control your Sena Bluetooth4 models and Helmets - 10C, 10R, 10S, 10U and 20S. Sena Cavalry Helmet, Momentum Helmets, X1 helmets and R1.

The Sena Handlebar Remote, Wristband Remote, RC3-Button remote and RC4-Button remote are the motorbike Bluetooth accessory that gives you full control over your Sena Bluetooth® communication gear while reducing the risks of taking your hands off  while riding.
The Handlebar, Wristband, RC3-Button and RC4-Button remotes are all compatible with the Bluetooth 4.1 models, such as the 10C, 10R, 10S, 10U and 20S and Helmets; Sena Cavalry Helmet, Momentum Helmets, X1 helmets and R1.
The RC1-Button remote is for use with the Sena RideConnected App.
Pairing Guides
A pairing guide for each compatible model can be found via these links below.  
Tip:  Be sure to check the firmware on your headset is current before pairing with your remote.
Handlebar Remote (SKU:  SC-HR-01)
Wristband Remote (SKU:  SC-WR-01) 
RC3-Button Remote (SKU:  SC-3B-01) 
RC4-Button Remote (SKU:  SC-4B-01) 
RC1-Button RideConnected Remote (SKU:  SC-4B-01)
- Put your phone into bluetooth pairing mode.  Press and hold the the RC1 button for 5seconds to enter pairing mode.  The two will connect.

RC1-Button Remote for RideConnected App

Have easy to use control of all your Sena RideConnected App Communcations with the RC1.