Prism Tube WiFi Action Camera for Motorcycle Helmet

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A low profile, no nonsense helmet mounted 2k action camera with a 125o field of view and adjustable lens rotation, featuring built-in WiFi allowing for quick and easy previews and downloads through your smartphone.




With one-touch recording to make operation a breeze

Capture your ride with the touch of a button, using the Prism Tube WiFi.  Easily capture video in 2K Quad HD quality, 1440p: 30fps. Wind noise reduction ensures that ambient noise doesn’t interfere with the audio captured from the dual external and internal microphones for crystal clear voice recording. Users may also hear voice feedback and prompts, which gives users instant device updates.




Versatile Camera Mounting System & Lens Adjustment

The Prism Tube Action Camera comes with two mounting options that attach quickly and easily on most types of motorcycle helmets. The Prism Tube boasts a 125° field of view and allows for spherical adjustment, providing 360° lens rotation along with 25° camera tilt to capture an even wider variety of shots.



Preview your shot from a smartphone with the Sena Camera App

The Sena Camera App allows users to preview their shot on their smartphone in order to ensure perfect camera setup. Easily download content straight to your smartphone with the convenient app for the Prism Tube WiFi.




  • Prism Tube WiFi Camera
  • Prism Tube WiFi Rear cap for USB cable
  • Tube Swivel Mount
  • Prism Tube WiFi Helmet Clamp Mount
  • Prism Tube WiFi Glued Surface Mounting Plate
  • Sena Prism USB Power & Data Cable (Micro USB type)
  • USB Cable for Speaker and Microphone
  • Wired Microphone
  • Hook and Loop Fastener for Wired Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Hook and Loop Fastener for Speaker
  • Allen Wrench
  • Prism Tube WiFi Quick Start Guide
  • Headset + Camera Safety Info
  • Prism Tube WiFi Certification Sheet




  • Recording time: 2 hours 
  • Operating temperature: -10˚C - 55˚C (14°F - 131°F) 
  • Water resistant 


  • 26 mm (diameter) x 99 mm (length), 31 mm (switch diameter) (1.0 in (diameter) x 3.9 in (length), 1.2 in (switch diameter) 


  • 73 g (2.58 oz)



  • 802.11 g/n



  • Internal microphone 
  • External microphone 
  • Wind noise reductions



  • Field of view: 125 degrees 
  • 3.5 M pixel CMOS 
  • Aperture f/2.0



  • 1440p: 30 fps 
  • 1080p: 30/60 fps


  • Charging time: 3 hours 
  • 1000mAh 
  • Type: Lithium polymer



  • MicroSD card (class 10 or higher) up to 64 GB (not included in package)



  • CE, FCC, IC


SKU PT10-10
Barcode # 885465006015
Brand SENA
Shipping Weight 0.4240kg
Shipping Width 0.140m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.185m
Shipping Cubic 0.001295000m3
Two (2) year manufacturers warranty from Date of Purchase.  
Please hold onto Proof of purchase as it is required to be provided should you require a warranty assessment.

Gen 1 Prism Tube

29 July 2020
For my mind the Sena Prism Tube is the best motorcycle specific camera on the market. There is little doubt that the industry leader in the action camera market offers a great bit of kit that has amazing capability, but it's form factor for motorcycling is less than ideal, especially as a helmet camera. For this reason i have never been a fan of them. Enter the Prism Tube. The "lipstick" style cams have always been the best option for a motorcycles and this was one of the two reasons i decided to purchase the original Sena Prism Tube. The image quality is very good with excellent colour rendition and quick exposure changes to varying lighting conditions. I'l be honest, i have never set it to still mode but i have lifted stills from the video's i have shot and am actually really impressed with the quality. It really is surprising and impressive how good the images are. My mate, who owns the latest generation of "that other brand", is mightily impressed with the results i get from my little cheapy and sings it's praises to others as much as i do. The other major determining factor to my purchase was the external mic. My previous cameras also had this feature and i quickly learnt that even a $2.50 plug in mic would (if placed out of the wind) far, far outperformed any onboard mic's offered on any other camera. Period! The included mic with the Sena mounts easily inside your helmet and i have to say, Sena really know their stuff when it comes to noise cancellation. Obviously years of manufacturing helmet communicators has paid off for them here. The mic pics up speech VERY well. So much so that upon my first use i spoke a little louder than usual so as to be sure to pick up what i was saying and upon playback discovered that my "talking" came out as yelling, lol! So now i simply speak normally and the reproduction is clear and precise even at speeds far beyond triple digits. Wind noise is pretty much non existent at normal speeds and even at the high speeds mentioned above it is in no way obtrusive or of detriment to picking up the sounds you actually want to be hearing. I have used this camera on at least six different bikes, including my daily rider, a naked Street Triple, and always have the same results of excellent audio reproduction. Apart from speech the mic clearly picks up your exhaust note as well of those of your mates as they come past you, so i give it top marks i this regard. The negatives? Well here's the rub. I only paid $124 for my original Prism Tube. It was the price that convinced me to give this unknown device (at the time) a shot. To say it was exceptional value for money is an understatement. This Gen 2 version has more than doubled in price to now retail for not much under $300. That's a huge jump in price for little more than the addition of wifi (which hopefully has received firmware updates by now to remedy the patchy early performance i had heard about). In fact i believe the price initially doubled with the release of this newer version but as i come to write this review it seems to have rise even further. The new price is not ridiculous but it is never a good thing to see manufacturers seemingly price gouging for the sake of it so i rate this as a negative. The only other negative, which i know other users dislike also, is the slide control to turn the camera on/off. This is a two hand job as the slide is way too stiff to just pull with one hand. If you do that the camera will turn around, upside down, back to front, to end up looking down at your feet, or come off it's mount completely. This stiffness can also fool you into false recordings where you believe it has fully slid, only to find out that it had not actually activated after all. I would love to see something like the previous cameras i owned which had a simple rubberised button on the top. One click on, one click off. Doesn't get any simpler. This would be perfect. No doubt the slide option has been used so as to enable packaging of the various components into the small size but as stated, my previous cameras, which were almost identical in size, had no trouble using this method so it would be great to see it employed by Sena. Wish list? Aside from the two points mentioned above being addressed, the only thing i would love to see incorporated into this excellent little device is some onboard digital image stabilisation. The image quality, as already mentioned, is very good but of course in the environment it is used in it does suffer a little from a bit of bounce, especially on our pock ridden Australian roads. On smooth roads there is nothing to complain about. With the addition of image stabilisation i would consider this camera to 100% be worth it's current asking price and expect i would actually buy at least 2 more of them as a result. I imagine many others would be doing the same also. This camera camera punches way above it's weight in every regard. Th

Great price and amazing quality

20 August 2018
The whole experience so far with this camera has been exceptional. I ride everyday for work and use it all the time. The wifi feature is super simple to use and I can download or review the footage with ease. The microphone and speaker are a pleasant addition for people that like to do Vlogs or comment on their drive whilst riding. The helmet mounts are sturdy, high quality and well engineered. The encoding of the video on the Micro SD is very well managed, no blow out files. My 64GM card take ages to fill up and that's running it at 1440p all the time. All in all, a fantastic camera. Thank you
(5) Response
Hi Niels, Thanks for taking the time to write this awesome review for the Prism Tube with WiFi. I'm sure others will find your information very helpful. All the best to you. Cheers, Trace :)

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